Aqua Magic Mask

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Aqua Magic Mask
Aqua Magic Mask

·        REAL, LASTING RESULTS: Increases skin’s capacity to absorb moisture; ideal for sufferers of chronically dry skin – helps lotions, serums, and other skincare products penetrate deeper, making them more effective

·        FIGHTS AGING: Plumps the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

·        HEALING: Bolsters the body’s natural healing mechanisms to banish acne scars and other skin damage to reveal youthful, radiant skin underneath

·        FAST ACTING: See results after just one application

·        GENTLE: Non-irritating – perfect for sensitive skin

Hyaluronan, often called Hyaluronic Acid (HA), is a naturally-occurring polysaccharide that cushions and lubricates the body’s tissues, making it a crucial component of our body’s healing and defense mechanisms. Health benefits aside, HA has become a must-have ingredient in beauty products for its reputation as both the most effective and most natural anti-aging ingredient available, having the ability to transform hair, skin, and nails providing an overall healthier and more youthful appearance in just one application.

Our Natural Stores of HA Deplete With Age contributing to the appearance of fine lines and dull skin. Hyaluronan – with its ability to absorb nearly 1,000x its weight in water – plumps the skin to combat wrinkles and bolsters the skin’s own ability to hold on to moisture, ensuring skin stays youthful and radiant for longer.

Tough on Wrinkles, Not on Skin

The most potent Anti-Wrinkle ingredient available also happens to be the most gentle – one of the main reasons the latest dermal fillers have switched to HA over collagen is its ability to provide even better results without any irritation.


Kea Aqua Magic Mask with Hyaluronan is designed to deliver these results fast, boasting the most potent yet gentle anti-aging ingredient profile available.